Happy birthday, USA!

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The United States of America turns 233 years old today. Happy birthday to you, America!

So what are you guys all doing for the Fourth? I'm going up to Virginia City to see the annual parade they have, and usually my family and I will wander around for a few hours checking things out. Afterwards we're going to my grandparents' house for a barbeque, then we're heading to Sparks to see the fireworks show, since Reno is too cheap to have any this year - this after holding out on New Year's fireworks, too.

just kidding of course.

This year my family will be staying at home, where we will set off fireworks and I will most likely play in fire as usual.
Ah, yes. Our revolution would inspire many to come, but we are all friends in this current time. Anyway, I'll celebrate by lighting off alot of fireworks.
themadhacker said:

Yo dawg, we herd yo like revolutionz, so we put a revolutionary in yo revolution so yo can revolt while ur revolutionizing.

bacteria said:
I remember when I went to New York on holiday in 1996 and a taxi driver very proudly pointed to a church there saying "that is the oldest building in New York, it is 73 years old" (13 years ago), I said "no big deal, my Father is about as old as that". He didn't say much more after that! :whistle:

73? That can't be right... we've got older houses here in Ohio! (120+)

Edit: Ah ha. http://www.blurtit.com/q338546.html

Ok ok, so it isn't 1200 years old, but it is over 200 years old.

I am mowing the lawn, weedwacking the fence and garden area, washing the vehicles, walking down the street to watch a parade with the kids, and then cooking out. I need to get me some shark to grill.
I've never been to a Fourth, I've only gone across the border twice!

Anyway, we had Canada Day on the 1st of July (doesn't have the same ring does it). Apparently Canada is 142 years old. That's 142 years since confederation, we were a British colony before that, and a French one before that! (CONFUSING MUCH?!) Anyway we have more organized events, so while we were in Surrey visiting family we went to a Canada Day thing. There was a concert with kinda good music and then a sorta lame fireworks show. They had a lot of them but they dragged it on and on so they didn't send much up at once. Since we weren't at home I didn't get to use any of the bag of fireworks we have in the closet. Also, I have an uncle who has his birthday on the Fourth.

Also, we don't have any real old buildings where I live, because until recently it was a shoddy farm town. I don't know about Vancouver, stuff got redeveloped a while back. I know Victoria has some pretty old buildings, how old I don't know. None of it is THAT old though.
robm said:
73? That can't be right... we've got older houses here in Ohio! (120+)

Edit: Ah ha. http://www.blurtit.com/q338546.html

Ok ok, so it isn't 1200 years old, but it is over 200 years old.

Yay! Ohio!

bacteria said:
BTW - only a mere 233 years old? England is about 1200 years old or thereabouts (since England became a united country and not a separate kingdom in each county).
And you can thank us for the 1200 year anniversary after we saved you from Hitler :)
themadhacker said:
and as a present for saving you from hitler, we demand the ownership of canada.
yes, that way the NHL will truly be the National hockey league and not include any foreign countries. I like this idea. :twisted:
Hey, no, we like being independant, ask for India instead. Or maybe North Ireland.
I like my country (USA) but I honestly don't give a Dang about 4th of July.

I demand Japan, Canada, and Australia for my world Empire! :twisted:

Not to mention the West coast of the US. I don't want the rest of the country in my empire.
I sat at home for most of the day, but now I'm going down to East Grand Rapids for some festive 4th of July fun. :awesome:

There'll be street performers, games, ethnic food, etc. (And by etc. I mean fireworks.)

My town put on the best firework display I've ever seen tonight. Thanks Reynoldsburg!