group buy's 200 jap n64 games, 50 ps1/ps2 cntrl


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200 JAP n64 games selling as "as is" because i really dont want to test them all, there in ok condition (varies from excellent the worst just has black texta on the back) selling as one package because i don't want the hassle of splitting them up. Shipping might take a while because it will have to be by see mail... If you don't feel secure with such a big bulk payment i will accept half now, and half when you've received the games. I will onl accept paypal as i think that is the option that will make the buyer feel the most secure. If you would like I could set it up as an ebay item so if i turn out to be a computer program trying to scam you you can just get a full refund through ebay paypal. :D

so to rap it up

200 japanese nintendo 64 games

various titles

as is

$800 aud

thats (per game)

4 aud


3 US


get your friends to go in with you, this is a bargain

p.s. If you have any other form of sale method that you would prefer to make you feel safer, let me know about it, i want these things sold asap so im up for nearly anything

I cleaned out the house and I have a massive stockpile (50) of psone/pstwo official/unofficial controllers, I want the lot gone but will only sell the in bulks of ten and wont sell them to individual sellers until I can get a guarantee that the lot are sold.
so 70 aud plus shipping, or $90 aud shipped. great for portabilizers. they are sold "as is" and condition overall is pretty good.
1st lot- unsold
2nd lot -unsold
3rd lot - unsold
4th lot - unsold
5th lot - unsold
so $6 aud a controller in other words, great for modders.

if someone wanted to buy the lot it will be $330 shipped

extra update (im on fire today :p)

20 n64 controllers (all official see pic) untested but i've felt the joysticks and seven are not firm.
$230 shipped for the lot
Re: Blaze3927 needs money so he's selling off 200 jap n64 games

:surprised: Holy crap!

Where did you get all these?
Re: Blaze3927 needs money so he's selling off 200 jap n64 games

Uncle came back from a trip with Japan with his wife nearly 2 months ago (20th anniversary) and was like: Damian (my dad/ his brother) says you into this stuff so I thought you might like this, (pulls out a box of a massive amount of games) I was like
WTF OMFG thanks
my sister got a pink ps2 so i guess he was just either kind but i suspect my parents might 've played a part because it was suspicously close to her b'day)
i only managed to play a couple and none of them had any problems.

he wouldn't tell me how much he payed for them but I need money now and he saids he didn't mind if i sell them

so there we go :D

"notice to all buyers"

all funds from this will go towards the portabilisation of game consoles so consider it a good cause :p
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It really sucks that you won't part a few of them out, as I really wanted a Jap copy of mario 64.
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If people would be more interested i could split them out into four groups of 50 (nothing lower) and they could give me rough selection of what they want and I"ll try and make it work
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How about you tell us what you got (I know, I know...200...) or at least provide pics so we had a better idea....
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Dangit imageshack's being gay, I had a pic up and the games are already stacked neatly in the box ready to ship, I dont read japanese but from the games images i know from memory i have mario story (paper mario), mario party 1 (maybe 2 and 3), ogre battle, super mario, lylat wars, both zeldas etc.....
bacteria said:
I rather doubt you will sell such bulk to one member here. A couple of controllers here and a couple of games there; either people have a good collection, or no funds or no need for bulk. I am sure if you let people pay for what they want you will make some sales! Up to you though.
yeah. i was thinking that two. maybe you outta try canning this stuff on ebay? ;)
Really, you will want to part this stuff out. I couldn't get a jap copy of sm64 from you, so instead I bought a copy from weaponespilion.
might try ebay, i asked the guy at the local video game store and he said he'd buy them all for $100, pretty crappy when he sells sm64 jap for $30 each