GP2x Wiz not charging - FIX'D!


Yep. I spent $180 on the thing. It arrives, I play around with some of the homebrew games, then it gets low battery. So I go to plug the charging cable into my computer's usb port, nothing charging. I plug it into my friend's laptop, no charging. I plug it into a wall-usb adapter, no charge.

I'm not sure if it's the cable or the system. It doesn't show the internal storage when I plug it into any computers. I took the end off of the usb cable, and the wires look to be fine, nothing's shorting out.

I sure as Heck hope it isn't the entire system, 'cause I didn't read till later that the seller charges a 25% restocking fee, and I have to pay shipping back! :hit: :cry4:
Re: GP2x Wiz not charging

Have another cable to try? My first GP2X F100 came with a bad USB cable.
Re: GP2x Wiz not charging

Nope, and I haven't found anyone anywhere that sells them. Other than the manufacturer, I don't know if anyone carries them. I think I might have make a new cable. Hmmm, I might just replace the proprietary jack with a mini usb. That is, if I'm not chicken.... :)
is there another way to charge wiz's battery please if you know tell me i really need to charge it back i cant understand very weel the cable solution without pictures.