FS: Nearly complete N64 portable! ONLY $275!!!


I know I'm not on Modretro very often, and I don't really post here, but I hope you love me anyway... I have lots of positive feedback on Benheck. You can check if you'd like! :D

So I am selling my nearly finished N64 portable! I don't have enough time to finish it, and I kinda need money (starving college student!). All you need to do to finish it is:
  1. 1. Wire the built in controller to the N64 mobo (just attach the red and white wires!)
  • 2. Connect the battery to the system
  • 3. Connect the battery charge jack to the battery

The only problem I've had is connecting the controller to the motherboard. The motherboard will run fine without the controller wired to it, but it will not display video when I do. You could replace the motherboard if you really wanted, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to be.

This includes EVERYTHING you need to finish this portable! It includes:

-ZN-45 case, with built in controls ALREADY WIRED, with D-pad and L-button!
-5" Sony PSone screen, with a 4-led mod. Speakers are the original sony speakers, and has ORIGINAL brightness and volume buttons located on the top of the portable.
-Vent holes on the top and built in fan
-All chips are heatsinked, including the expansion pack (it comes with an expansion pack!)
-Cartridge slot relocation already done!
-Glossy black paint job with 2 coats of clear on top for protection.
-3.3v regulator to provide power to the 3.3v line
-7.2v 4700mAh battery (with protection circuit pre-wired) to provide long playing time (includes charging port and charger, all from batteryspace.com)
-Sony PSone power port to play on wall power


Feel free to ask questions. I'd like $275 for it ($225 without battery/charger stuff), but feel free to make (reasonable) offers.

My WIP thread can be found here.
Re: FS: Nearly complete N64 portable!

Man, that is such a steal, but I am in no position to buy it. :(

Someone buy this thing, finish it up, and sell for profit!
Re: FS: Nearly complete N64 portable!

If it goes down a bit more I'll get it .
yay for birthday money.
Re: FS: Nearly complete N64 portable!

Don't do it, SOMEONE will buy it at the price it's at.
Re: FS: Nearly complete N64 portable!

Yeah, I really don't want to go lower than what I'm at right now.

Unless someone has a single 2GB stick of DDR2 667 ram, 240 pin. Then I could do that plus $250.