FS: Consoles, Games, Controllers and More!


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All of the following has been tested as working unless otherwise denoted.
All consoles and games are NTSC unless otherwise denoted.
All prices do NOT include shipping.
Click thumbnails for larger pictures.


The outside is a bit scratched from regular wear and tear. The inside is great, and everything works well. This is the AGS - 001 unit, so it has a frontlight. This is perfect if you are modding an old Game Boy to be lit.
Battery Charger is not included.

PSone -- $15
Comes with Motherboard, Disk Drive, Power Adapter and RF cable. I do not have an A/V cable. Case will be included only upon request.
This motherboard has not tested in a long time, and may not work. If it does not, it needs a fuse jump. I will test it if you are interested.
This motherboard is NOT WORKING. Price has been adjusted accordingly. I will fix it for free. Power supply and disk drive still work.

Revision C GameCube -- Pending Offer (was $20)
Comes with Motherboard, Disk Drive Daughterboard, Power/Fan Assembly, Heatsink, BIOS Battery, Power Supply and A/V cables.
For those of you that do not know, the GameCube motherboard came in three Revisions: A, B, & C. The C motherboard is the one with an integrated power board. If you are wary of trimming, this is the motherboard to get.
All of the connectors have been removed. Case is platinum and will be included only upon request.

Atari Plug 'N Play 25 In One -- $10
I might as well put this out of the way: you can theoretically add a cartridge slot like you can to the Atari Flashback 2, but there are no soldering points to do so. In other words, if you want this device for a cartridge mod, look elsewhere.
The A/V cables were tripped over and the plugs were broken. Plugs have since been replaced with new ones. Soldering job was heatshrinked over. I will post pics if needed of said job.

Super Joy III -- SOLD
The controller board, case, and buttons can be included upon request. The only thing that is shown is the motherboard, which has the Famicom Port removed.



Medal of Honor: Frontline -- $3
Does not include case, but will be shipped in a jewel case to prevent disk damage.

Fight Club -- $5

NBA Street Volume 2 -- $3


NBA Street Volume 3 -- $5


Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock -- $25
Game is still in the plastic wrap; it is brand new and unopened, but does not come with a guitar controller.


Mario Kart: Super Circuit -- $15

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 -- $15

Super Monkey Ball Jr. -- $4

Quad Desert Fury -- $2

Lego Island Extreme Stunts -- $2


Ape Escape: On the Loose -- $7

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade -- $4

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror -- $5


The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass -- SOLD

Diddy Kong Racing DS -- $15
For those of you who don't know, this is a clone of the game for the N64 with a few extras here and there.



Dualshock by Sony -- $5
This is the white version that comes with the PSone unit. The analogs are a bit dirty, but work like new.


x2 Wireless Controllers by Nyko -- $15 for both
(Require x2 AA batteries, and have rumble)
Unfortunately, I could only find one adapter, so only one controller is usable at a time.

Dualshock 2 by Sony -- $7
This is the black DS2 controller. Works perfectly.


Logitech iPod Speakers -- $10
This set of speakers are stereo, and run on x4 AAs. While the drivers are large and not recommended for using in a portable, the audio amp is of great quality and uses digital pots.
If you were to use this for how it is intended, the base is adjustable for use with any iPod or MP3 player, and uses a 3.5 mm headphone jack instead of the proprietary iPod adapter.


Xbox 360 Power Supply -- $25
This unit is the 203 Watt Power supply, so it is enough to power all Xbox 360 consoles. It is an official power supply that used to power my now RROD'd 360. Though not shown in the following picture, the 120 VAC adapter is included.

Metal Gear: Portable Ops PSP Case -- $10
This fits the PSP 1000 ONLY!

Light Attachment for Gameboy -- SOLD
This light works with the Pocket, Color, and Advance. If you want, it also fits into a GBA SP as well.

Nintendo DS Headphones -- SOLD
Both ear drivers still work loud and clear.


iPod Nano 1st Generation 2GB -- $25
Comes with the custom firmware RockBox, which can be removed by request.
It by default does not come with headphones or a USB adapter. Ask for these if needed.

8 cm Fan -- SOLD
I was going to use this in my newly modified Xbox 360, but not even a reflow would get it to boot. This fan has lots of gusto for its size.

Heatsink & Fan Combo -- FREE! (+Shipping)
This came out of an old Dell Latitude laptop, and has pressurized copper heat pipes to keep your processor cool, even if it is thin.
The fan is a 2 cm one, which is small but appropriate for this heatsink. Ask for the dimensions.

This list will be updated periodically with more goodies.
All prices are negotiable, so feel free to haggle with me.

I also will accept trades for the following items:
Atari 2600 Power Adapter -- Worth about $7
Atari Paddle Controller -- Worth about $7
Atari Standard Joystick -- Worth about $5
Atari, NES, SNES, or N64 Games -- Worth Valid and Appropriate Prices
N64s -- Make offers
DMGs -- Make offers

I will take other trades, so just ask.

PM me or stick a message in this thread and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Adjusted prices, removed sold items. I really need to sell this stuff! Make offers if the prices don't suit you.