First portable N64 WIP

But you wouldn't need any kind of ventilation, except for some small holes at the bottom of the case. They cool better than just a heatsink, too.

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I had one big heatsink, cut it up and that works for 1 big chip and one small, didn't have enough for the last one so I order this pack:

Room inside the case is going to be quite limited, the bottom of the board is making indentations on the Lithium Ion batteries that are underneath.

For an Xbox, I would shell out extra money for a bigger heatsink. As for the N64, small heatsinks and the fan that I already have wired up should work just fine, but I do appreciate the suggestion.

Haven't done too much lately on it lately, today I wired the built in control to it and it works, but now I have an elusive audio short. I know the region it is in, the audio out, which is covered in hot glue. That is what I will work on tomorrow.
Long time no update, I have been working whenever I get the chance. I would accomplish one thing, then have a few set backs, repeat often. But now I am basically done aside from some cosmetic work.


This picture is a day or so old, I have already added the D-Pad and the cover for it. I still have to cover the back, put an actual button over the Z piece, cover up the Screen's circuit board, and help blend and make it look better, especially in the front.


Holy crap, that thing's a monster. You used more hot glue than SS! I like how the screen is edge to edge.
This reminds me of the old days of portabilizing, where a portable like yours would be congratulated. Alas, no more.
Now that is a portable! None of this "vaccuum forming" make it look nice flax. I congratulate j00!