DX VGA screen 77USD. Updated with video !


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link: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.22660

This screen is ... :awesome:

Amazing resolution
Very loud sound
supports VGA
Awesome tact switch control on the screen
Lot of adjustment options (color, contrast, brightness, date, 16:9/ 4::3: screen size)
Uses less than 10W at 12V
Multi region support (NTSC PAL SECAM and more)
Blue and red colors doesn't smudge
Can be operated with out the cpntroller
Motherboard size as a PSone screen
VGA and AV in
Awesome view angle

It's 7 inch. witch might be to big for hand held portables.
Only one speaker.
A bit unclear protector film.



This picture is taken right of the screen. Look at that resolution ::3:

Here is a new picture showing the circuits.

PalmerTech said:
So does it really show up as that resolution in Windows? I suspect it is 800x480. :dah:

And good luck getting most 800x480 screens to run at that resolution in Windows. Most have to be run at 800x600 making round things look oval. :rolleyes:
It depends on the computer, there are a lot of custom drivers to get Windows running at 800x480. I have an EEE 701 and a Clarion MiND both running at that res.

But either way, that resolution, if true, is one of the oddest resolutions that I have ever seen. :p
In the Carputer area we use 7" 800x480 screens all the time. And it is a nightmare to get them running on 99% of the computers out there. Using PowerStrip doesn't work and Nvidia custom drivers fails.

It's a shame really because running them at 800x400 is slightly blurry and stretched.
It runs perfectly at 800x600 windows.
It works pretty good at 1200 x somethingcan'rememberish.
And yes, very odd resolution.