Dremel, what type of weel for metal?

Well, standard ones can (barely) cut through metal. I have tried before and the blade breaks and shoots off in different directions. Kind of scary since I wasn't wearing eye protection.
my standard ones break on plasic sometimes, and no i didnt read the instructions so i was very lucky that the piece missed me
My piece of junk $9 knockoff has no torque, so it stalls with standard wheels. Never tried a diamond wheel. You can probably find some locally, with the other dremel stuff.
wait, the diamond wheels aren't the standard cutting wheel? That's what I've always used.
bacteria said:
No, diamond wheels aren't standard (wasn't when I bought my dremel anyway). The composite ones are standard; they are fine for most things, although they do break fairly easily; and just shine metal rather than cut through it. The diamond ones are metal and cut metal and plastic well, and boards too. Issue is if they slip along your finger you will lose it.
yeah, I make sure to aim it away from my phalanges so that if there is a slip it won't be anywhere near me. I also don't put it at a higher speed than I need to get the clean cut.
Yeah, gotta watch that. Dremel is a wild thing, she'll nip you if you don't watch out. I watch myself, but if I want to get bit, I want her to give me a cool scar.

I use pliers or a clamp. I haven't used cutting discs though- my dremel ripoff is too weak to use them.
Even if you don't injure yourself, it would suck harshly if you slipped on something rare, like a Neo Geo. I actually find the sanding and grinding things the most useful. Usually I cut things with an x-acto or a hacksaw.