DMG Gameboy Dot on screen


My gameboy has a dot on the's "white" or green as you can call it, for example when playing donkey kong...the title screen his arms are all shaded in but this 1 little dot. dead/stuck pixel? is there a fix?

Hrm. Being "white" means that the pixel is off, and is probably dead; sorry, it's gone.

If it's on, then it's likely "stuck", and there are a few possible fixes. One is to have a program rapidly flash for a while to unstick the pixel, which would be hard to do on a gameboy. (the oscillation may unstick the pixel) The other way is to "massage" (literally, gently apply pressure to the location) a bit, and see if the pixel will unstick. Both methods are unreliable, though, and run the risk of damaging the screen further.
Flashing the pixel shouldn't do any harm, but I doubt it will fix the pixel either. But if you have a flash cartridge I can write a small program for flashing the screen quickly.
Oh an old Passive Matrix LCD, that kind of dead pixel simply won't occur. Lines go when the transistors do, and flashing won't help a Dang thing. Suck pixels don't happen, just stuck lines. Massaging it will make it worse. Here's why.

If it's a small dot, or splotch, I'm sorry but your LCD has a hairline crack somewhere that makes the actual LCD liquid leak out very slowly. That dot? It's a bubble.

What lightguard said only applies to active matrix LCDs (the more modern, faster ones). Passives are a whole different world.
Bibin said:
Lines go when the transistors do, and flashing won't help a Dang thing.
On that note, there's a more popular reason why lines die on a DMG: Because the ribbon cable is starting to come loose from the glass. If that is the case (and I know I'm off topic) it's easy to fix by stroking the connection with a hot soldering iron. Vertical lines are particularly easy. Horizontal lines are more cumbersome as that ribbon cable is attached at the bottom side of the screen. Still quite doable though.