Design me a computer?


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Alright. Time for a new one, would like to build.

OS: XP/ maybe win7 in the future-----> I have a copy of XP.

Want at least 200 GB of HD space- I don't need a ton, 500 is probably overkill ;)
I would like at least a dual core proccessor here.
Want to be able to run the non-avid game such as Quake live or bioshock, but nothing like crysis.
RAM, 2 GB ought to be good, but wahtever you think. I don't game too much, so whatever you think.

Everything else like PSUs, you guys should be able to tell if you know your stuff! I hope. If you have any quesions, ask them.

I mostly do lots of web browsing and things like Microsoft Office for school.

This will be a contest of sorts. Jleemero and Robm and Nightwheel all seem to be participating so far.

What the winner gets: NOTHING! Maybe some bragging rights ;)

I would like these in the format of newegg wish lists, please.
Just a quick throw together, but... ... 6813121373 $59.99 Intel motherboard. ... 6819115206 $118.99 Processor. ... -_-Product $29.99 128MB video card, EVGA nVidia product, AGP ... 6820145184 $64.99 2GB DDR2 RAM. ... 6822136109 $59.99 320GB hard drive. ... 6811156236 $39.99 Spiffy black case with 380 watt PSU.

The case, mobo, PSU, and CPU are fine. The hard drive is a little small but there's nothing wrong with it. The RAM is also fine, but 4GB and a dual channel kit would be better. The graphics card sucks though. Nothing wrong with the 4830, but that one has a hideous and huge dual-slot cooler.
This will only be used for light, LIGHT gaming if you would call it that, and I've been living with 512 MB of RAM for a long time now, so 2 GB will be superb. Since the list, the graphics card has been replaced with one from the came brand at about half the cost.

As I said, maybe a few internet games, maybe WoW MAYBE, and definitely some phun, I heard from jlee that pretty much all of those don't require super graphics cards, just good CPU power. It'll be good. I like this setup now!

I will never fill that 250 GB drive, no need for a larger one.
Do not buy that graphics card. It is last gen so will run hot, and underperform for the price. I recommend an Radeon HD 4670 or 4650. I have a 4670, it's great. It cost me $100 but it should be much cheaper now.

4670: ... -_-Product ... -_-Product

4650: ... -_-Product ... -_-Product ... -_-Product

Slightly more and far better ;)
The disc drive is fine as long as you don't plan on burning DVDs. The HDD is junk. Too small, and slow IDE interface. The PSU is also crap.

What about the case? It should be fine.
The case is ugly. I'll be getting a case/600W PSU combo deal at newegg, unless my brother-in-law has something better.