Dalc789's FS Thread

I posted most of this on Benheck, but did not extactly get the response I've hoped for, so I'm posting it all on here to see if anyone here wants anything :) The pictures are pretty hi res, so they're hyperlinked. If you open more than 1 at a time, they might load slowly, or not at all. I may be willing to negotiate on some prices besides the PSP.

Anyway, this all ships from California. I only accept Paypal.
Prices do not include shipping costs.

ITEM (Click for Picture) - Price - Description

Sony PSP-1000 - $100 - Custom Firmware, includes charger, headphones 3 memory sticks: A 32mb, a 4gb, and a 12 gig (Well, a PhotoFast CR-5400 adapter with 8gb and a 4gb Micro SD cards inserted)

Game Boy Advance SP - $20 - Model AGS-001. Won't turn on, so it's either out of power or something is wrong with the battery. I don't have a charger.

Nintendo DS - $15 - Silver Phat. Has a broken hinge, and same power issue as the GBA. Again, no charger. *EDIT: Just noticed it's missing the stylus. I could include a lite stylus if you want one*

SNES Mini - $30 - Comes with Controller only, my brother sold the cables. I did test it with the cables for my old SNES and it works perfectly. Sides of the snes are slightly damaged from a failed attempt to open it when I didn't have a gamebit.

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic 1 - $10 - Game of the Year edition. It comes with the case and instruction manual. Everything is in excellent condition.

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic 2 the Sith Lords - $10 - Comes in a generic case, and not the retail case. Discs are in good condition and will work just fine.

Playstation 2 SG Guitar Controller - $10 - Wammy bar was limp when I bought it but has the rubber band fix on it, so it works perfectly fine now.

Xbox 360 - Make an Offer - Xenon Motherboard. Modded, but partially broken. Comes with no cables, and with a black case that can be seen in the picture. When I last played it games would freeze occasionally. Has X-Clamp and Penny Fixes, no screws. If you can fix it the kernel should be old enough for you to JTAG it. Can't test because my bro sold the cables.

Original XBOX - $15 - Modded, has error 5 due to messing up while trying to get the HDDKey. Should be fixable through a cheap eeprom reader (although it may have been backed up the the hdd, I don't have the tools or time to check that out)

Space Invaders Radica Unit - $10 ($5 if bought along with another item) - Has Space Invaders, Phoenix, Lunar Rescue, QIX, and Colony 7. QIX does not work sometimes (player may die right away) worked fine on 1 tv, had this problem on another, YMMV

These games do not come in the original cases because my brother threw them out, but they will at least come in a generic case. My psx has no cables or controllers to test these, but they worked perfectly when loading these cd's from an emulator so I'm assuming they should work fine on a real system.

Final Fantasy Tactics - $10

Final Fantasy 6 - $10 OBO - Comes from Anthology. I cannot find FF5

Final Fantasy 7 - $25

Final Fantasy 9 - $10

Legend of Dragoon - $10

Mortal Kombat Trilogy - $10

Miscellaneous Stuff

Linkin Park Reanimation Enhanced - $7 - Case's inside is slightly damaged. CD may fall out when opening it

Logitech USB Microphone - $10 - Works with PC, Guitar Hero WT and Rockband

Calvin and Hobbes books - $15 OBO - The Lazy Sunday Book, The Days are Just Packed, and Revenge of the Baby-sat. Pretty good condition

Sega Genesis SG Propad 6 - $10 - Cannot test as I no longer have a genesis. Should work perfectly though.

Intel Webcam - $15 - Pretty Decent quality, has a video-in port on the back.

PC Headset - $10 - Works just fine, ear pads are slightly torn. The cord splits off into 2 so you can use either the headphones, the mic, or both

Yugioh Cards - Make an Offer - Raviel, Lord of Phantasms and The Wicked Dreadroot. Will not sell seperate.
epicelite and joey, thanks for the offers, but I only accept paypal. I'm sorry, I forgot to put that in my first post *edits*

I swear i remember another post after joey, or did i see a different topic?