Cheap way to install Windows 7 on netbook


I don't want to take my computer into a store, it'll cost about $250 to get it installed there. I also don't want to buy a $40 dollar usb optical drive for this. I've heard of usb installers, but I also don't own a copy of the Windows 7 license. Is the beta able to be used with a usb installer?

Dont pirate kids, its not cool, and could get you killed, or get you in jail!


If I had a reader, I'd just reinstall XP.

I've been having a dilemma. My XP install blue-screened one day, so I installed ubuntu. It worked fine, but was a bit sluggish. So I :sweat: installed xubuntu. It was faster, but some of my hardware was unrecognized. So I finally had found a way to make a usb bootable drive from my XP install disk. It semi-worked, but gave me too many problems. So now I am stuck with XPUD linux, which gives me a decent web-browsing experience, but I cannot upload photos or use flash-player.

I'll just have to hope for a cd-dvd usb drive for christmas.....

And I only wanted to use the beta for now! I was gonna pay for it! :ninj: :pirate: :gonk:
You are not allowed to use the Beta, or at least do a fresh install of it, anymore. They did that so you could test for bugs in the beta, obviously too late for that. :awesome:

Do you have a USB flash drive? If so, how big?
I'm using an 8 gb sd card in an sd reader. It's worked fine for linux installations, so I assume it would work fine for a windows installation.
There are three recommended ways to install Windows 7 on a netbook or other PC that doesn't have an internal DVD drive:
1.Purchase and download Windows 7 from the Microsoft Store as an installation file. When you download Windows 7 in this format, you can install Windows 7 on your netbook just like any other program, with no additional tools or hardware. For more information about the options available in your country or region, go to the Microsoft Store website.
2.Purchase and download Windows 7 from the Microsoft Store as an ISO file, and copy it to a USB flash drive. If you need to start, or boot, your PC during Windows 7 installation (for example, if you want to format your hard disk during installation), you can download Windows 7 in a special format called an ISO file and use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to create a USB flash drive, which you can then use to install Windows 7 on your netbook.
3.Use an external DVD drive. If you already have a Windows 7 installation disc, you can attach an external DVD drive to your netbook to install Windows 7.
buy the license, download the file, extract the iso to some files, startup the installation from the .exe file that was on the root of the iso. (that's what I did, even if I didn't buy the license ;) )