Charging battery

GamecubePerson111 said:
For a battery charge port, do u have tobmake one, or is there already one connected to the battery?(I do not have a battery yet)thanks
First off, what kind of battery are you using?

Second, if it is one from batteryspace then you will most likely have to make one. I used the port from my psone/zenith screen.

Hope that helps.
A charge port is basically a piece of plastic with two pieces of metal inside. It just connects the + of the charger to the + of the battery, and the - of the charger to the - of the battery. You can use and kind of plug that has the two metal pieces, a jack from a psone screen, a molex connector (common power plug in computers) or most other kinds of header. (headers are the plastic plugs that you use to connect wires without solder)