Caseless DVD player, anyone?


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Standard 7" LCD DVD player. Composite input. Runs off 7.2v, but can run off 7.4 easily. I will include the screen, mobo, speakers, batteries (7.2v nimh, 4000mAh) and disc tray. I was going to use it for a portable, but I've decided against 7". Too big for the portable.

I'd be willing to sell it (via paypal) or trade it for another screen, preferably 3-4". RGB isn't needed, but that'd be awesome. Money preferred, as it'll help me ship it out to you faster. Make an offer? ::3:


Thanks for looking.
Pretty sure the bottom half is necessary. It's got all of the inputs and controls on it.

800x480? I don't know, to be honest. It plays DVDs at a nice res, at least.
epicelite said:
You sure? Looks like the bottom half is just for the disc drive. :(

What brand/model is it?

I really think the bottom bit is necessary. Again, it's got all of the inputs on it. Regardless, it's really not that big and wouldn't necessarily make your portable any bigger.

It's an Audiovox D1708ES 7-Inch Portable DVD Player. Apparently it has a 16:9 pixel aspect ratio.
Valium said:
How much? And is shipping to Canada a problem at all?
If you're willing to pay the shipping, it's no problem at all. If not, we could work something out.

So far my offers have been quite low. If you've got a 1 gig card of SO-DIMM RAM, I'd take that immediately and pay my shipping, too. Otherwise, I'm up to Dang near any offer. Cash is much higher in value than items for me right now.
blaze3927 said:
theres something funky going on with the pictures, has someone hacked imageshack?

Hey, I think something happened, I saw that before and thought it was someone's sig. But seeing it like that, yeah, I think it has been hacked.
Well, the offer currently being made is $15 + shipping, which I'm extremely hesitant to accept. Pretty much anything above that, really.