Cant get my NES to power up


So i got this NES a long time ago, decided to give it a new connector, but did it on the carpet and as i was opening it i shocked the metal shielding. Well it wouldnt turn on after so i was wondering if there was any way to fix it. Ive got pictures, but as the noob i am i cant figure out how to get em on here. Thanks for any help i can get!
If you touched metal and the hear a zap noise that means static electricity fried the board. There is no way to fix that.

I have never built or seen a NES board so, there might be a fuse you can bypass. I am quessing not though it would have been on the charger.

I think you can look into sleeping. Let it sit without turning it on or off for a 4 days to 2 weeks and try turning it on.
...Please refrain from entirely guessing information, then posting it up as fact.

There is a chance that a very simple component was fried. Look around for broken capacitors, cracked joints for resistors, lifted pin legs, anything.

"Sleeping" applies to the Nintendo 64, and even then is very loosely defined.
The only time that I've had anything like that, the plug for the power cord was terribly corroded, so it was intermittent. As Bibin said, check for busted or leaky capacitors.

I know the NES inside and out (I've worked on hundreds of them), and I'm fairly certain that they don't have any fuses.
The NES is a totally badass durable system, things like that will rarely kill it, especially with all the excess shielding and ground strips.