Can you safely relocate inductors?


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Just wire them up then cover them in electrical tape then put them anywhere?

Since it's a magnet I have to question it. Or maybe cover it in hot glue so the copper wire doesn't move.

(inductors are the magnets with wires wrapped around them if anyone doesn't know)
Yeah, you can but keep it away from stuff like audio lines or they'll get *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ed up :gonk:
There are several problems with relocating them. Inductors when used in modern electronics are usually part
of a switching power converter. This means there are several problems you need to account for:
1) Interference :- Do not relocate it near anything that carries an audio or video signal or you'll likely end up
getting interference.
2) Efficiency :-Because of a high current and a high frequency is likely passed through the inductor, don't use
a long length of cable to relocate it. Doing so will introduce leak capacitance which will make the whole power
converter circuit less efficient.
3) Your soldering probably sucks, and while that probably doesn't make a difference in your daily soldering it
might make a difference in a place where a large a current is passed, because a bad solder joint might make
said joint heat up or cause power problems for the CPU.
What he said. It should be fine if you keep it away from audio, video and other sensitive lines. Of course if it's part of a power converter those are important points. If not, though it should be okay. People have relocated stranger, more sensitive stuff before.

Interesting nooby fact: When I first heard the term "RCP Relocation" I thought someone had soldered the RCP on top of the CPU.
Just a little tidbit; I relocated the antenna output inductor of a helicopter R/C remote to be about a centimeter away and on its side. The performance was not affected at all and everything was just fine.