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BANGFEST: The best 42 minutes you will ever have in your life.

BANGFEST is a 42 minute long mix of everything. It contains everything from Pink Floyd to Lil John. It is pure genius.

Now I want everyone to go and listen to this song:
(Right-Click: Save As)(Warning: Lots of Swearing)(This song is public domain)

After you are done with the song I wanna hear your opinion.

Good? Great? The Greatest Thing Ever?
Just finished the song so I will give you my opinion now:

Starts off very energetic and fast paced. I like that. It gets you all pumped up for the next half hour.

Then it starts getting crazy. You get strange mix-ups of video game themes with rapping over it, movie themes with rapping over it, and a few Rock artist/Hip hop artist mash-ups.

In between all of this we have some funny skits.

Throughout the song I was never bored due to the ever changing tempo/key/song.

Once again: Everyone needs to listen to this song, especially if you like DJing/Remixes/Mash-Ups/anything Music.