Ampy's FS/T Thread


Lightbulbs are awesome!
Well, I need cash, you got cash (I hope), I got flax, you want flax (again, I hope).

This is my for sale/trade thread, with goodies galore! If you'd like to support a starving Wii developer, you can buy all of it from me and make me a very happy person! :awesome:

Here's what I got:

-------- Miscellaneous --------

Logitech Quickcam IM Plus: $24.95 :awesome:
Condition: Brand new. I bought it to start a web show on YouTube, got it out and played with it for about an hour, put it back in the box and never again used it.
Info: Great webcam for a cheap price, good quality, built in effects and light normalization. Great quality microphone as well.

NESp Kit: Up for auction, as soon as I hear a price I like it's sold. I'm thinking at least $75 though, as I have about a hundred invested in it :awesome:
Condition: Varied, since it's all used. Working condition, though.
Info: Everything works fine. NES is great, not too used, and the original 72-pin in it is still great, I haven't had to shake or wiggle or blow yet. There is an awesome case (see my thread, The Wingman). Controllers, tact switches, cables, wires, etc. RF box has been removed, and a power regulator has been built (somewhat poorly though, I had no flux D:). Includes (if I don't sell it) Super Mario Bros. 3, and a flax ton of spare parts.

Also includes a PSone LCD mobo that may or may not be salvageable. Doesn't up the offer any, but I'll throw it in if it interests you.

flax tons of Yu-Gi-Oh cards: Varied.
Condition: All superbly new, except for some commons.
Info: There are flax tons (200 or so) of foils, rares, super-rares, etc. All have been in card sleeves/pages since day one (or maybe day two :awesome:). There are also about 2000 commons that I will sell random handfuls of for pretty low. I will not pick out singles unless they are rare.

Apparently some of these are worth flax tons of money, like full Exodia sets and Red Eyed B. Dragon, Metalmorph, and Red Eyes B. Metal Dragon. Who knew?

-------- GameBoy / Color --------

Pokemon Gold: $14.95 :awesome:
Condition: New as a Pokemon game gets.
Info: Great condition, minor wear on the sticker/cartridge. Has a brand new battery, so your save won't disappear any time soon :awesome:

GameBoy Original: Dunno how much it's worth really. Offer.
Condition: New as a GBO gets. The screen is offset a few millimeters from the viewing window, noting noticeable or troublesome though.
Info: The old gray BrickBoy. Comes with an original Nintendo GameBoy Satchel/Bag thing that holds the GameBoy, games, batteries, and accessories.

GameBoy Color Mobo: Offer.
Condition: Everything is perfect. I broke the screen, being too forceful with it.
Info: Just the mobo, nothing else.

-------- PlayStation 2 --------

PS2 Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup: $5
Condition: Top of the case is cracked. No manual included. Disc is worn, but does not affect play.

PS2 Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: $5
Condition: Case is fairly good condition. Manual included. Disc has basic wear.

-------- XBOX --------

XBOX Rainbow Six 3: $7
Condition: Case is in good condition. Manual included. Disc has almost zero wear. just one light mark on it that doesn't affect play.

XBOX Project: Snowblind: $4
Condition: Case is good. Manual included. Light wear, no scratches.

XBOX Godzilla: Save the Earth: $3
Condition: Gamestop case. No manual. Very light wear on disc.

XBOX Combat Elite WWII Paratroopers: $3
Condition: Case is good. Manual included. Light wear, no scratches.

XBOX Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30: $5
Condition: Case is good. Manual included. Light wear, no scratches.

XBOX Links 2004 (Golf Game): $4
Condition: Case is good. Manual included. Light wear, no scratches.

XBOX Crash Tag Team Racing: $5
Condition: Case is good. Manual included. Moderate wear.

XBOX Forza Motorsport: $7
Condition: Case is good. Manual included. Light wear, no scratches.

-------- XBOX 360 --------

XBOX 360 Pro System: Bidding starts at $130.
Condition: Used of course, but in great condition. However, the disc drive motor has failed, so you need to buy a new disc drive ($15-$25 on eBay new).
Info:Pro, 20GB HDD, One Wireless Controller, One Third Party wired controller, Several games, and two more free months of Live on the system.

I will update this as I go. Post dibs/offers here, PM me bids for the NESp Kit.

Shipping not included on these, I figured I'd find out where you're at and try to get a cheaper rate than flat rate, if possible.
Bai from me nao!

If you don't like my prices, throw an offer at me and I'll probably take it :awesome:
I also accept trades, if it's awesome stuff. Or stuff I need.

Stuff I need:
Any screen that will work with an NES
Bulk Quantities of Chewing Gum
He has more posts than you. :rofl:

Might have some interest in the DMG. (Or at least it's case). Since your taking offers, what would be too insulting to accept? I have money, but I need to be a bit of a tightwad till I get some expensive parts out of the way.
Post count don't mean flax. I've been at MR longer than him, and if he's on BH, probably BH as well. I just don't post too often.

Well, anything under $10 + shipping, mainly because I've seen worst condition ones go for more. But that is my minimum.
Wow, Amper. I didn't know I've been here longer than you! XD

newb :dah: