32x Owners Rejoice!

Twilight Wolf

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If you're like me and you purchased a 32X that's missing the cable that connects the Model 2 Genesis/Mega Drive to the 32X, you know that replacments are next to impossible to find on their own without buying a complete 32X package - when they show up on their own, they surprisingly cost even more! Well, worry not, fellow gamers, for I discovered after much searching many months ago a website that sells just the cable you need!

Check this out! Link

It's six feet long and the wrong color, but who cares? It works! And even better, it's far cheaper than buying a whole 32X package or getting gouged by eBay sellers. Also, I seem to remember my 32X operating without its power adapter when using that particular cable, heaven knows why... Unfortunately, if you don't have the Mini-DIN to DIN adapter required for using it on the Model 1 Genesis/Mega Drive, you'll have to rig one up yourself as I can't find anyone who sells them. (Lucky I have a Model 2...)
Meh, it's not that hard to rig a cable if you can find connectors, which is near impossible. (I found that out when I was going to build a video cable for my G2)

Anyway, nice find!