3.5" Screen off of ebay/dealextreme.


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I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about either of these 3.5" screens? Especially about the quality or simplicity of using them in a portable would be nice. If not, I might experiment.

Pics = Links to ebay auctions.

The 2nd screen is close to looking like the one on DX (located here). With only a few minor differences on design of the plastic casing. The same shape seems to be used, and the back looks the same.

Thanks in advance!
Don't know about the top one. From what I've heard the bottom one is okay, not great but okay.
That bottom screen is the same as the DX 320x240 one, and is awesome win. I suspect the first one uses the same guts, I need to confirm myself, though.

Mario helped me with the spec sheet, it looks like it can take svideo with about $3 in parts from The Shack. I know I keep saying this, but I really will get around to testing it. :facepalm: My BH compo entry needs it, so you will not have to wait TOO long. :awesome: