You want to buy my junk... yes? (Trades too) Updated 9/12/09


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Is anyone interested in the guts from a DMG (electronics only), let me know as I'm getting rid of some junk. The lcd has what appears to be damage (it has a small black line right along one edge) and I can post pics of you'd like.

Another item of interest: 3 inch Pustom screen (I think it's 3"). I can't get it to work for some reason and now the backlight won't even turn on, but the audio amp works :oops: If anyone wants this to trouble shoot, they can have it for free (plus shipping).

I have some games that I would like to unload, preferably using flat rate shipping. Make an offer of you wish:

PlayStation 2:

Conflict: Desert Storm II Back to Baghdad
The Simpsons Skateboarding (no manual)
The Sims (no manual)
The Sims Bustin' Out
Minority Report
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Hit Man 2: Silent Assassin
theme park Roller Coaster
Tony Hawk's Underground
Gradius III and IV
Q-Ball Billiards Master
Medal of Honor Frontline

NO CD- Whoever buys something and wants these boxes and manuals can have them for free
Grand Theft Auto III



Counter Strike
Forza Motorsport
Crimson Skies- High Road to Revenge
Halo 2
Madden 06
NCAA Football 2005
007 Nightfire
Call of Duty- Finest Hour
Mercenaries- Playground of Destruction

XBOX 360 DEMO disc for Saints Row (free to whoever wants it tossed in their order)


If you would like pics, let me know. I will be adding more junk as I find it too.
Re: You want to buy my junk... yes?

I truly have no idea, name a fair price if you wish. btw the psone screen in your thread, is it just the lcd itself without the controller board? Also, how much for N64 Goldeneye?
Re: You want to buy my junk... yes?

ACk, sorry, I just moved and I got bogged down with everything. I didn't even have the net for a while. Yes, the screeen is just the LCD. I am open to offers/trade for anything in my thread.
Re: You want to buy my junk... yes?

Is goldeneye a fair trade for gradius? I have no idea if it is, but let me know if I need to toss in some cash or another game or so, whatever's cool.