xbox 360 briefcase laptop finished


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I have finally completed my 1st xbox 360 laptop.

link to rest of pictures: ... id=7238116
video link:
sorry about the bad quality video but my camera sucks really bad

Brand new jasper motherboard
15 inch VGA monitor
Composite Video out
Audio out
Network plug
Modified 360 power supply to run screen and 360
Xbox 360 controller buttons with leds as player indicator lights.
1 memory card port 'another could have been cut out but did not think it was necessary due to built in memory on jasper board
120 gb built in hard drive
This unit has been tested and ran for over 12 hours and ran really cool. There are 5 fans inside.
The only problem I had was getting component video to work has to do with using vga.
Aaaah! MY EYES!

Just kidding. Despite the fact that yours isn't the nicest looking of laptops, a 360 laptop is still quite the accomplishment. Good job.
Please, the internal batteries argument is so played out. :p

Nice job! It reminds me of your N64p, in a good way. :awesome: I assume you have no cooling problems with a case that big? Any plans for a paint job of some kind, or is it gonna stay as is?
If you're going to work with wood, use something of higher quality and buff the Heck out of it.

The ports and grills attached to the outside look messy; they're sort of just squeezed in there.

Making a 360 laptop is something most people can't do, and grats on making one, but the casing could be better.
I am thinking about painting it but I really would like to sell it and work on another project. If anyone wants to make a offer on it feel free I really need some money right now.

There is no overheating issues at all.
Personally, I think a layer of felt or something over the inside cover thing would make it look nicer. I'm not a big fan of that wood as it looks cheap, at least from the pictures.

edit: almost forgot to mention how beastly it is despite that one insignificant thing I mentioned. Good work.
Kickass. Bust this boy out next time you grab a coffee and you'll get someone to buy it, I'm sure!
Actually, do exactly as zeturi said. Go to some public places where there are outlets, and plug it in and play. You'll find some prospect buyers.