WTS/WTT: Ipod Touch 2nd Gen 16GB, PSone screen

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that's right, I'm selling it. It's yours for 220 bucks USD shipped. If you want, I can jailbreak it for you, as I'm selling it as a clean installed 2.2.1 firmware. This is being sold from Canada, which is why the price is at 220 instead of 200. Other than that, it's in great shape. Pics later. This will come with a data/charging usb cable(official) and possibly the original box if I can find it Sadly, no headphones will be included because ALL 3 OF MY APPLE ONES(from different ipods) BREAKERIZED! I can also do trade, preferrably for snes mini's, n64s, and most of all, psone screens. AND YES, THIS IS TESTED AND WORKING. BTW, if its' a trade, you pay for shipping on it.

I have a psone screen up for sale also, mind you that you need to pay shipping. It's still perfectly intact and I'll sell it for 50 bucks, or a trade for a dealextreme 3.5" and something else or something.[/greedy]
Might wanna lower the price, I sold the same thing for $185.

You are rarely, if ever going to get the best price selling on the forums, eBay will always get you more, as you are often expected to cut a deal to help a forum member out. :p The only exception is modding related supplies, which will probably not even sell on ebay. :lol:
yeah, I know.
I think I have a seller on the ipod, and I need the psone screen, so can somebody close this?
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