WTS: Old really good pc for sale. Cheap

That computer sucks. :awesome:

I hope ya get a buyer, though, might be worth that much to somebody for basic use.
I think it's pretty good for a really old computer though. I did say it was old in the title. The only thing that sucks it the ram and processor, the ram can easily be upgraded though. Unless your an idiot that gets the wrong size like me! :dahroll:
Harshboy said:
Please rename your thread to "WTS: Old really BAD pc for sale. Expensive"

I'm sorry, but Harshboy is right. A 1.6GHz Sempron is a low-line piece of junk, the machine has integrated graphics and not a lot of RAM. This thing would be useful for a mom or teacher but not a serious user. I'm not trying to be a jerk here, merely pointing out the facts.
I never said it was good for gaming, it's still a $100 computer. and if it's that bad then I guess I'll change the price.
The hard drive is fairly new but it's still ide. I think it's 7200 rpm. And no I'd rather not sell it without the computer because then I would have to put my crappy hdd into the computer and sell it for even less. Right now I'm just trying to get rid of the computer for what it's worth.
Alright, I think $80 is a completely logical price. Let's say these are the prices for what you would actually buy these components for because they're older.

HDD: $25 (hdd is new)
dvd: $20 (dvd, r/rw and dual layer)
ram: $2
power supply: $8
case $20 (a case is always expensive as long as it's not massive)
mobo: $5

So $80 sounds like a good price to me.

Plus the os is already installed so it's ready out of the box.

Anything I got wrong?
The sale is going to end in an hour so anyone can make an offer if they want.

EDIT: The sale ended without anyone buying it so make any offers if anyone wants it.