WTS: Backlight blue gameboy DMG $120 batteries and game


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For sale I have a backlight gameboy DMG
The case is blue, and cost me $135 alone
It is backlight, and has a cool look to it, that I feel is different to most
It has an on/off switch, and the battery life is barely effected when the screen is light
It is super clean screen (No prints, dust or anything in the layers)
and will come with a new screen cover if I can find one price is $120, come with batteries, and free good game (Ask if I have it)



You cant notice the light on the side when you play it, my camera is just sensitive
Eek, I'd be interested in it but for some ungodly reason you inverted the colors. Also, why is the light so uneven?
What happened to the power LED?

Look, I hate to say this, but asking even 60 for this is a bit absurd. A backlight mod is a ten-minute ordeal of part assembly; one that is unevenly lit, inverted, and kills the power LED isn't going to make it worth 120. Sorry.