WTS: 2 ps2 slims + more


Crazy Train
I have been going through stuff that I don'tt want or have surplus of.

The main things I am trying to get rid of are my ps2s. I have no ps2 games and I have no interest in the system.

One is silver. The laser drive motor is not getting any power and it may have a bad laser. IO know the motor is not getting power because it worked on another ps2.

The other ps2 is black and it has a bad laser and a missing disc motor. If epicelite wants this one, he has dibs, since I was going to sell it to him months ago, but I had to cancel because I lost it.

each ps2 will have a power brick included, though one is third party.

I am asking $20 shipped for each ps2. I may take lower offers, but nothing below $15 shipped.

Also for sale are two 1st party snes controllers. One is dirty with some blue permenant marker on it, and the other has some dirt around the shoulder button.

I am asking $6 shipped for each of them.

I may add more to the list as I clean out my bedroom.
You could have posted this 3 weeks ago. :facepalm:

I ended up getting one off craigslist for $40, but it came with the disc for ICO and 2 controllers, I was able to sell ICO for $30 the same day! XD

Still slightly interested, trade for a PSone? :rofl:
Dang, too bad you're not posting this like, 10 months from now.

Actually, are either of the SNES controllers broken? I doubt they are, but could you double check, please?
I suppose we might be able to do that. Also, if you have anything cool to trade, I may be able to work something out that way too.
Umm, I've got a SNES third-party controller. I reversed the Y and A buttons. They work like they're supposed to, it's just the actual buttons, not the position of the function. But it's not that great.

I could also customize a SNES controller for you. I could put LEGOs in the button holes, or I could paint it red, or something.

Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot to offer.

EDIT: Oh, I have a NES controller with no IC, I could send you that and you could hack it into a NES USB controller. I've also got two third party NES controllers. And as with the SNES controller, I could spraypaint them, or replace the buttons, or whatever.
He asked what comes with it.

Also, I could spraypaint a controller that you provide. to look more futuristic and cool. Do you want a white GCN controller, to match colors with the Wii?
@ killgood. yeah, but I can't change the cases on the slims like you wanted since the serial numbers are on them.

@ plover. everything that you said you can offer, I can do myself if I want. Besides. I am looking to get rid of controllers, not aquire more.
I know, but it would be no work for you. :dah:

Also, I said controllers THAT YOU PROVIDE, so you wouldn't be getting any more, you'd just be getting one of your controllers altered.
but still, I am not really looking for any trades (well, except for epic's, since I have been looking for a psone). So unless you have money or records to trade, then I am not interested.