WTB/WTTF: Nintendo DS


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I want it working and cheap.

Any model will do as long as it works.

Preferably below $80
ds light 75 shipped? (no charger) white wotks good pm me for pics.(also the stylus and gba cover are not originals)
Punisher - I'll keep in contact with you about it, just in case the deal with Jidan falls through. :cool:

epicelite - Nah. $80 is too high for me.

BP1 - I have a better offer right now, but if they fall through I'll contact you.

Jidan - No Charger Needed. I am really interested in your offer.
Are you interested in a Trade + Money?
If not I can still do straight up money but it will take about 6 weeks to get the money.

Also, Pics please?
I can get you some pics tomorrow afternoon sometime - I may be able to work out a trade depending on what it is - just lemme know what you've got to offer for it (+ money depending on offer)
I told u, I get u a lite for $80!

I will, any color u want! ::3:

Just u have to wait a couple weeks for me to buy a broke one and fix it. :p
Aye, $80 is too high.

I just got an offer from someone else, and I will see if this one works out.