WTB: Modded Zenith Screen


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I want to buy a modded Zenith screen (Sony PSone screen works, too). I want it properly modded with 4 LEDs and with the brightness/volume buttons relocated. I would also appreciate a switch to jump the extra brightness thing, but that isn't necessary.

My current Zenith screen just randomly started not working correctly, so I'm fed up with this for now.
Nobble: Sounds good, but I also need the buttons relocated.

epicelite: Sure, but it'll be a week or two.
I'm not going to promise anything, since I'm not nobble, but you should PM him. He makes money from it, so as long as you pay the extra Canada shipping, I don't see why he wouldn't do it.
QuickSkop3 said:
Dang, P, I wanted it too :(

Nobble, I can't get the same deal, right, since im in CAN?
nope with shipping its gonna be $80 like i told you. but led modded it would be $90
And I am proud to be an American, where at least shipping is cheap,
We have no import tax, no "holy flax $90 _bleep_,
And I will stand up, and assert my right to say,
I laugh at other countries post!
God bless, the USA!

To tune of "Proud to be an American"