WTB: Batteries and NES mobo + controller + game


Lightbulbs are awesome!
I need some batteries, with a charger. They don't need to have an extremely long life. 7.2v-7.4v, preferably at least 2500mAh. $25 shipped.

I also need an NES mobo, a controller, and a game. Preferrably a Mario game. I just need the mobo with RF module removed, as all this will fit in a flat rate shipping box if the RF module is removed :D $25 shipped.
Maybe that's what my grandma ordered from.

And before anyone says SCREW U UR NOT FUNY ST00PID UGH, I'm not trying to be funny, my grandma ordered $2000 in an Indian knock-off of Ambien and now they won't stop calling her. XD

It's so fun to screw with them.