wireless N64 controller?

is there such thing as a wireless N64 controller? I mean one thats not an IR connection, a true wireless controller. it would also be preferable if the controllers were the original n64 controllers (modded of course) and not some funky chinese-made one.

if yes, where can one be purchased?

i saw those, but the DOCS controllers are IR controllers i'm pretty sure, which means you have to point it right at the receiver. thanks but i'm still looking...
Build your own? I know Mario started on such a project but never actually built one that worked.
should be really easy. after all, the n64 controller only has 3 lines, and two are power and ground. so, basically you need a one line wireless transfer thingy. its possible that you can use one of the little wireless stimulation devices epicelite got banned from BH for. i will let him or palmer confirm or deny that. :awesome:
alexbutti said:
hah i should have explained that i have no electronic prowess whatsoever. so basically i want to buy one.
oh! in that case, allow to do a little research and see what i can come up with! :awesome: