What's the deal with the transformer?


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For some reason, It's incredibly difficult for me to desolder the PSone Screen's transformer (with 2 leads on one side, 4 on the other). If I just ripped off the transformer, would that work? Or would the leads still be a shock hazard / energy suckers?
Yeah. It's because the leads are horizontal, so It's really hard to get the desoldering iron around them.
Ok, but can someone please straight-out answer my first question? I'm far too unskilled to cut the top part off.
Take your needle nosed pliers and rip it off, it won't ruin anything important. (bonus points if you use real pliers!)
Ok, so it doesn't really matter if the leads or desoldered, or not? All that matters is that he transformer is off?
Yes. One thing you can do to remove it is just heat the side with 2 leads and pull quickly, then tear off the other side with brute force :rofl: