What should I study?


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I'm trying to get a license to become a computer technician. I have some basic knowledge of computer hardware, enough to build a computer, but that's obviously not enough to pass the test. I've compiled a list of what to study for the test. I'm going for the entry level A+ to get started.

- computer hardware components (i.e. ram, power supplies, motherboards, processors)
- bios, ports and expansion slots
- basics of pc repair
- displays and other peripherals like printers
- computer vendor specific design features
- operating system technologies
- basic networking

Anything I'm missing? Also it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me any sites with information about these?

Please don't comment about how hard this will be. I know it is and I know it's not impossible. My brother was able to get licensed as a personal trainer at 15. To me age is just a number.
They are getting ready to completely change the A+ certification requirements, so I would wait until around the first of the year, find out what the new requirements are, and go from there.

What you've listed is a sure-fire place to start though, as I'm sure all of that will be in there.
I know you don't want us to say it'll be difficult, but honestly, if this is the kind of stuff you are into as a hobby and such, it'll be very easy! I am studying similar courses in school for the same reasons, and since a good portion of this stuff I have to do at home or do for hobby's sake, it's not too difficult at all as long as you are a logic and mathematically-oriented person. (By that, I do not mean you have to be good at math, I'm awful at it. I just mean you think in an orderly, very direct manner)
I've heard that A+ isn't too hard. There's some other certs (cisco CCNP is one) that are very difficult, but can really help to get you a job, instead of the other guy.
A+ really isn't all that hard. You certainly will need to have an idea of what you're doing, but not the hardest thing in the world. It probably won't mean much other than to tell people you aren't incompetent.
The guy I talked to about certification said that I didn't want to take cisco until later. He did say it was a lot harder.
bentomo said:
What are the requirements now?

I don't know that they've released any information on that yet. I'd wait until they do the re-vamp.