What do you think I can get for this desktop?


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I've been planning to buy a laptop to replace my desktop and I was wondering how much I could get for this computer that I would sell. The computer itself is acer brand and was bought in 2007. Here are some specs. (BTW I payed $600 for it)

average stock case
dvd+dl/RW drive, basically everything besides blue ray
front card reader + one usb port (makes 9usb ports total)
not sure what motherboard (think its the 945g chipset)
radeon x1650 dedicated card pci express 2.0 16x (can run all my steam games well on mid-low settings including L4D and TF2)
E4400 dual core processor 2.00GHz, 800fsb, 2meg L2 cache
I think the power supply is 350watts
2GB ram

I was hoping to get $300 for it, but if I can get $350 or more then I can get my laptop now. What do you guys think I should sell this computer for. It runs really fast and I'm sure it could play games really well if had a better graphics card, the reason I'm selling it is because it's not a laptop. Running windows 7, everything got 5.5 or more except the graphics due to the card. I have a tech savvy friend who agrees with me that I could get $300 for it but I want some more opinions.

Oh yeah and it still has the valid xp serial code on the side so you could use the official cd and use the code on the pc, so it comes with xp proffesional.
Yeah, $300, maybe $350. It's not that great a PC, but not horrible either. You might have to stoop for less though, because you can get a new, much better PC for not a lot more.
$300 is good if you can actually find someone to pay that.

What laptop? And why the "upgrade"?
I wanted the laptop for various reasons, mostly the portability for countless reasons. Anyway its the asus g50vt x-5
That is a good laptop, I was gonna get one myself till I realized it could not drive a 3D monitor. :mad:
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I would delete that and ban the spambot, but it's so meaningful and filled with wisdom.
I lol'd when I saw that post. I couldn't finish reading it though because of the horrible engrish. ::3:
One day shall I....in camera read....this of the front of. Movies in of the and engrish. So zombies will know it, read it, speak that of and some Engrish.

Indeed done have I!