What all will I need?


Okay, so I kind of need a list of what I need to make a Gamecube portable. So far I've got
All the battery stuff (PCB, Charger, Li-polys)
PSone screen
gamebit screwdriver
soldering stuff

That's about all I know of that I need - I do need to know what else I need like resistors or regulators or stuff like that...like some IT thing or whatever for the battery supply to the screen (14.8v is what I'll be using) Heck, I don't really know what else.

Also, do I need to use two controllers if I'll be cutting it into certain parts, or can I just rewire the traces I need from one part to the other?
Well, to my knowledge, it's connected between the screen and battery. I've read that the TI card doesn't necessarily need a heat sink because it's more efficient - is that right?
Yeah, you only need a heatsink for the 7808. However, it's not exactly the efficiency that makes the TI card not need a heatsink, it's that it's a switching regulator. Switching regulator's don't really get hot.

I meant either/or a 7808. I'd preferably go with a 7808, just because their easy to find, but I don't wanna have a hot hunk of metal floating around in my case. Plus, you'll be able to squeeze a few more minutes out of your battery with the better efficiency of the TI card.

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Alright, we'll I'm gonna see if I can't get some kind of sample from TI of the pth08000. I'm still confused here - I know I need the TI card, but do I need any other kind of resistors or anything? So far the only thing I need help with are...

Powering the Screen and Gamecube (and how to make it so that I can run off the battery power and charge them at the same time)
Kind of the controller part - So far I'm just going to connect the wires from the controller to the motherboard and then cut up another one and connect the traces from the buttons on that one to the original one (following Kasar's guide on BH).
The BIOs battery - last time I wired the negative side wrong I think so I can probably figure that out...a small explanation would be nice, however.

Thanks for any help!
I still don't understand the point of a Ti card. It only outputs up to 5.0v, so how are you going to get 7.5v out of it?
Depending on what capacitor and resistors you use with your TI card, you can get different output and input voltages.

Skyone should have a diagram somewhere, I'll dig it up.

Here we are. http://forums.benheck.com/viewtopic.php ... 00#p396896

Thought it was more appropriate to post a link instead of the image, 'cause of his clear instructions on it. If you would like to know more about how to use this with the voltages you require, either ask SS or Skyone. I know there's an actual chart out there that explains which resistors and caps to use, but I'm far too lazy to find it.

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Sorry 'bout that, I read about someone using it with a gamecube a while back, but that was obviously for the 5v line then. Forget I said anything, Jidan! :oops:

Yeah, then just use a 7808 with a good heat sink. Gamecube zenith screens come with 7808's already, if that's what you plan to use.
Planning on using just a psone screen sony hopefuly but if the gcn zenith is any good and fits in my case I may get that
The guts are identical. Just a recase of the innards when Sony stopped selling them. Usually, Zeniths can be found cheaper, as well. I believe I've seen them go $43 shipped.
Oh good, so if I get that I won't have to worry about connecting anything from the 14.8v supply to the screen because the 7808 is already there?
Yeah. You might want to replace the heatsink on the 7808 though, replacements are at radioshack for ~ $5.