very quick/easy question, where to get this? ... G_0013.jpg
that calculator, aparently like $80 whick is like £40 so im not getting a new one!
so where can i get a busted one to put the SP in there? and how much is a busted one or even the case

also you know the little 1cm square button thing you get in DIY mini projects? (if you go into the A-N projects thread you'll seemy post of one i did, them buttons on the bottom)
is it possible to mod them onto the GBC butons on the mother board? if so will i wire it up or go straight on there? they have like the 4 little legs if you know.
yes im a noob :ninj: but im so willing to learn :) and once i finish this year i can do an electronic course at a college :awesome:

cheers for any help guys :)
That calculator can take something a lot bigger than an sp, maybe you could get one fit in a smaller scientific calculator, like what I am doing with a color.
try for a ti-15 or a any of the ti-30s.(I've seen 2 models, and of the 2 mode's, there were 2 revisions of one of them. one with and one without a solar panel.
The point of doing it in a graphing calculator is the already-square-ish screen, so it doesn't look suspicious even when seen from the front.
If it helps, that specific model is the TI-83. The TI-84 can fit a bit more as far as thickness goes, if you need it. They will run you about 80-100$ though
Uh, are your teachers just stupid, or do they not see anything wrong with the fact that you are overly engrossed in what looks like a calculator that's missing most of the buttons? They seriously don't notice this?
Instead of ripping all the buttons out, just glue them all in except for a few, which are rewired to the Gameboy.