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Assuming we could switch over to it from PHPBB3 with no problems, what do you think? Better/Worse? It looks like it has a lot of nice stuff.

This is not really serious consideration right now, but you never know what an overwhelming response would do. :p
No. I hate the look and I don't know what "stuff" you are talking about. We have all the stuff we need.
vbulletin is awesome though! you can have embedded chatrooms for each page :awesome:
(yay first post)
Try out our chatroom! We do not have nearly enough members for a dedicated per thread chat, sadly...
Vbulletin is the best forum software out there to be honest. Its the first forum software I really got to mess around with and I still love it to this day. Besides being more secure, it also has better default features(like quick reply), a better admincp, better "hidden" features, and plenty of great mods. I'm honestly not sure why some people here don't like it, especially because once you give it a shot and get used to it you'll realize how awesome it really is. Its like that old saying goes, "You get what you pay for".

However, if we do decide to stay with phpbb, we should at least install some more mods and whatnot to add some new features and differentiate ourselves from just the "stock" install. There's also the option of using SMF (my second favorite, but still a long ways from Vb), which is pretty good as well.

EDIT: Ok, seriously? S M F is filtered by the censor? Isn't this taking it a little too far?
We COULD switch to another forum system, but I frankly don't see the point. PHPBB works, is configured, and does pretty much everything we use it for.