Top half of a decapitated DS; what should I do with it?

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1 - This is the cable that connected both sides of the DS.
2 - Black cable. Appears to be broken...have no idea what it is for.


The speakers just...pop out? WTF?

So, what can I do with the screen? Steal the LCDs and make a backlit GBC or GBO? Oh wait...

Bibin said:
DMG based, or "GBO" for the retarded.
Just remembered that...
If the screens are frontlight you could use it to frontlight a GBC or a GBA, but if they aren't you can't do much with them. And the speakers just pop off because they're held in place by the case and will never have a chance to move, so nintento decided to save some money.
No. You can not.

You can however take the backlight out of the DS screen and use it to backlight a GB Pocket or Original Game Boy.
J.D said:
How do you suggest I get the screen open?
Sledge hammer.

Take a look at the screen and you will see little places where it snaps together, just lift up on those with a small flat head screw driver and pull.
My sp screen had this outer cover thing that put the light out, and it didn't really look like that. See if that opens more, like to another middle or something, I think there were two or three things I had to take off of my SP screen.
eurddrue said:
It will look like a black rectangle, with two little leads coming off the bottom.

You are so wrong it just burns my eyes out.

Those little pieces of wierd shiny stuff and the reflector? That was the backlight. If you can reassemble it in the order you found it, you are good, but it looks like you've already ruined it :facepalm:
Bibin said:
eurddrue said:
Basement_Modder said:
eurddrue said:
Then what is the black rectangle? :neutral2:

What black rectangle? :neutral2:
The one in my SP screen? :neutral2:

Pics or GTFO.
Hmm, it's this rectangle and at the bottom has a little ribbon kinda thing with 4 smt LEDs on it. It came from one of those GBASPs that had the added brightness. And pics will come later after I finish all of my projects for today.

Oh, and the rectangle is white, not black, but it has black sticky stuff on it.
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