First Portable - DMG Dual Screen - Need Help

Hi, I'm Van Marks and that's my 1st project ever, I'm a beginner/newb at the modding world! ^^

I made a pretty difficult choice to be my first modding, but I'm not afraid of challenges, so let me introduce what I'm going to do:

It's going to be just one more regular ds lite inside a dmg case, but differently from the others, I had an idea of not taking the upper screen apart. I just wanna put everything I've got in my ds lite inside a dmg's case, so I'll have everything this machine has to offer me, but off course, I don't wanna those two screens all the time in my dmg, it would be aesthetically horrible, not mention the fact that I'll play more gba games then ds ones as well...

But ok, to make it possible I thought about assembling the upperscreen above a cartridge and taking away the ribbon cable connector to let it assembled to the cable inside the cartridge, so I can sold wires directly into the mobo and let them with pins in the slot to make connection with the "screen-cartridge" whenever I want it, and when I'm going to use just one screen these pins can make connection with a led inside another cartridge...

My only question now is about what am I supposed to do with the speakers since they are connected into this upper ribbon cable?
I know I can sold the speakers directly into the mobo, but if I do that, shall I split the ribbon cable to take the speakers side apart? or there is another way? I'm trying to think but that's a really hard issue!
And if I can do that I need to find the scheme to sold them directly into the mobo hehe


Here is my progress so far




and my idea


That's all folks... maybe I'll post news later tonight!
Oooo, this looks exciting. I would just solder the speaker wires directly to the mobo. Trace the speaker wires on the ribbon cable to where they connect on the DS and solder there. There may also be another place you can solder to on the motherboard. You'll have to follow traces, get the multimeter out, and figure it out! :)

That's gonna be a lot of difficult and tiny soldering. Have you counted the pins to see if there are 32 or less so it will work with the original cartridge connector? Or are you planning on using a different connector for this?
Seems like a cool idea, but I'm concerned about how well the screen would work with the extended cable. These things can be really finicky when you play with the timings. For example: N64 Jumper packs