The thread of music, be it modded, retro, or normal.


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Share your favorite music, neat music, whatever. (Youtube) Links are encouraged, as are descriptions of said links.

Recently, I've grown fond of rap music when mixed with video game soundtracks. Here are a few links to albums/tracks that I'm currently enjoying.

Tae K-Megaman Mixtape Highlights: ENDING, GUTSMAN, TITLE

Tae K-Megaman 9 Mixtape Highlights: RUSHJET, HORNETMAN, PLUGMAN

Team Teamwork-Ocarina Of Rhyme Highlights: Great Fairy's Fountain, Zora's Domain, Hyrule Field
Note: The site that I downloaded the album from seems to not be hosting it anymore. :(

Aquma-Roc Feather One of the best, IMO.

So, share away, particularly if you have anything in a vein similar to what I have just posted. :)
The Album I have been listening nonstop is Songs from the Black Hole by Weezer.

It's unreleased, so you'll have to search around for it, but "Blast Off" is literally one of the greatest songs ever written.
Weezer is awesome. Best band ever, end of story.

Also, Michael Jackson music is the flax.

My favorite modded music is GRonnoc's (youtube user) symphonic score for Pokémon R/S, and then my own Pokémon G/S/C music project. I don't know if it's the nostalgia, the feeling of accomplishment, or both, but there's something that makes me feel biased towards loving that project of mine.
I am picking up Hellbilly Deluxe 2 on vinyl later today. I hope it's good. I have heard a few songs off of it and the album sounds promising
I second sam on Kamelot and Edguy, though for Kamelot I prefer the song Ghost Opera

Really liking the song "A Better Me" by Heavenly. I'd youtube it, but the album cover is very NSFW. Two lesbos nearly making out, one of which has a very see-through shirt.
Ghost opera is a Heck of a song. its in my playlist. seriously, i have been listening to a 27 song playlist for like 3 months. its a Heck of a playlist.
samjc3 said:
Ghost opera is a Heck of a song. its in my playlist. seriously, i have been listening to a 27 song playlist for like 3 months. its a Heck of a playlist.
My playlist lately has consisted of Heavenly's new Carpe Diem album (the one with the lesbos on the cover) and some Silent Force. Just recently discovered Silent Force. I really like the song Heart Attack.

themadhacker said:
sounds a lot like dragonforce, except a bit heavier.
Well its power metal, and the vocals are harmonized, but other than that, I'd say they're quite different. I guess there are a few similarities maybe if just looking at that song, but they are a bit more diverse. If you're talking bands that sound like dragonforce, look at a band called Cellador. I think their singer still needs to find his voice for the solo parts, but they are very similar stylistically to Dragonforce. They're lyrics a little less on the 'cheesy' side when compared to Dragonforce.

I mentioned the song A Better Me by Heavenly earlier. I forgot to mention that it has quite a bit of a Queen feel to it, so if you like Queen, you may want to look that song up and give it a listen.