The Official Leaving/Returning Members Thread

Took a couple month break from here hoping it would help me stop being a lazy POS, it didn't. Trying to stop being a lazy POS, so I might be posting some completed stuff eventually. Maybe
Im back from the dead. I had work and started making motorized things so i basically barely modded in the past year and a half. By barely modded i did actually throw together an n64 portable in a pencilbox case for a car trip, but it was too flaxty to post, and i gave it to my cousin in alabama. But i started and will hopefully complete a legitimately cased portable for the summer, aiming for 3
Okay, so it has been a while. I'm gonna kinda explain what has gone on back quite while, even though I poked my head in within this timeline. For those the don't really care to read a paragraph, the tldr is that life happened and other things and now I'm showing back up.

So, I kinda disappeared about the time I was getting ready to give two years of my life like a good mormon boy (I got a good picture or two I'm not here to preach to you, worry not. After I got back I did a bunch of odd jobs and such and spent about two years working in door-to-door sales, it was solar panels. I spent time along the way working on some projects, some got put on the wayside others got uploaded on the internet where people could see and are slowly progressing. I've uploaded gameplay and other videos up on youtube here and there. And then finally, I've been going ham on twitch playing or developing. I feel good coming back to the modding community, because I have some projects I want to do. Oh and then this happened too, cause it only cost $50.