The GameCube Mega-Sticky

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Nintendo GameCube

Kasar's Portable GameCube Guide

Motherboard Trimming/Relocation Points
Ashen's definitive motherboard trimming guide
Ashen's definitive motherboard trimming guide (Rev C)
Ashen's Memory Card and SD Gecko Pinouts
Ashen's Successful IPL Transplant
OUTDATED AND BROKENHarshboy's wiring diagram
How to know which gamecube IPL you have from start menu
Rev C Component Cable
Tchay's Sound Fix
Tchay's Trimming Guide + Useful Info

Controller Information
Ashen's guide to trimming the 1st party controller
Bentomo's Controller Notes
Bentomo's Controller Scans
Zenloc's shoulder analog's to digital trigger mod

Loading Games via SD/HDD
Ashen's WiiKey (also Wii DD) wiring guide
Megalomaniac's Swiss Tutorials And Info
Bentomo's SD card Schematic and Replacement

Powering the GameCube
Zenloc's Custom Regulator and Power Draw
ShockSlayer's quick 1.9v diagram guide
Re: 6th Generation Mega-Sticky

List of completed projects/mods:

Gamecube Portables:
Abb_Eliten’s GCp
Ashen's Gamecube fusions
Ashen's Fusion Micro Version 1
Ashen's Fusion Micro Version 2
Ashen's GameCube Revolution
Ashen's GameCube Fusion(s) Rev. 3
Bakuku's BreadBox Cube
Bardicus' GQubed
bentomo's Phoenix Cube
Blargaman's GameCube SP
Blargaman's 2nd GameCube SP
Blargaman's 3rd GameCube SP
BlueRhapsody's First GCP
EnterTheHarix's commissioned Gamecube portable
Gamecubeperson11’s GCp
gman's 1st GCP - DMG Cube
gman's GCVITA
gman's GBA Cube
gman's Gamecube Portable U
gman's Gamecube Portable U V2
gman's Danse Manatee Cube
Hailrazer's Portable Gamecube
L10N37's C4ROM3GCP
LOCtronics’ Gcpv1 clone
LOCtronics' CurvyCube
LOCtronics' Gamecube SD
lyberty5's Wiicube Fusion
Michaelthurston's Rcube :awesomethursty:
Monstercrunch's 1st GCP
Mooper's GCP
nonekiller's 1st GCP
Pescadl's 1st GC Portable
RedmagnusX's Creamsicle Cube
RedmagnusX's Pixie Cube
RedmagnusX's CubePad Advance
sime13's Silver Cube
SS's first Gamecube portable
SS's Gamecube ZN-45 portable
SS's beautiful XGC
SS's ZN-GCp Commission
Tchay's Ccube
Tchay's Envision
technott's 2nd Gamecube portable
Technott's Gamecube U with batts
Technott's Gamecube U
Technott's GameCube SD
Tesslayer's First GCP
Unicyler17's GCp
Zack's Portable Gamecube Rev 1

Other mods:
SS's LED-modded Gamecube (Video)
Ashen's Wiikey gamecube mod
Hifeno's wireless NES Wiimote
SS's LoZ Shield LED GCp
Blurt's painted Gamecube controller
Abb_Eliten’s GCPC

The list will be updated periodically.
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