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EDIT: I'm an idiot. Scroll down to see why...

I'm not ready to post the link yet :ninj: but If I decide not to buy it then I'll put it up here ;)

Honestly, its not that hard to find, and my image source gives it away :dahroll:


- 5.90 x 4.60 x 1.22 inches (W x H x D)
- NTSC/PAL compatible (expected in this day and age)
- 960 x 234-pixel display
- built in speaker and audio jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
- I believe it accepts component input
- Power supply = 11v - 14v (it didn't show the watts unfortunately :( )
- Oh, and its $55.50 including shipping which, not terrible...but not a great deal either. Apparently it used to be 105 bucks so I guess its a deal.... :neutral2:

Downside is that its a bit thick IMO. If anyone finds a better 4" then LET ME KNOW! I'm still looking in the bowels of the internet.
Re: I finally found a 4 inch LCD monitor!!!!!!

designer noob said:
Why not get a 5inch?

lol you're not the first person to ask that question.

I need a 4" because my GC portable will suck with a 5". Thats the best explanation I can give without going into detail. ;)
Re: I finally found a 4 inch LCD monitor!!!!!!

Okay everybody, I deserve the biggest facepalm ever!!!!!

I just read a thorough description of the PS1 screen to realize that when it says 5" they mean DIAGONALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
scroll down to the first customer review...

The actual dimensions of the PS1 screen are 4" * 3.25" Looks like my search for a 4" screen is over......

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Seriously, somebody give me a facepalm. Cuz I need it right now. And it better not be Snowpenguin! I know he's just itching to throw a facepalm my way :rofl:

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