Taking portables on planes?


sweet justice
Not sure if its the greatest idea, as they may appear like homemade bombs, and they arent FCC approved. Id like to know if anyone has tryed and succeded and/or failed at flying with modded systems (ex: an N64p).
I know from Ben's stories. He has been able to get his portables on a plane in times past. But he didn't say if he took them as carry on or had them in his bags in the cargo hold.
I really think it depends how good your portable looks.

Say it looks like it could have been manufactured in a factory, everything is nice and evenly painted, no rough spots, no batteries/wires hanging out. Should be able to pass it off as something store bought.

However if your portable has batteries taped onto the back, wires coming out the sides, etc...

Well you get it.
according to ben's stories, he was surprised once that they didn't ask him about his atari portable after passing it through the scanner, like they did last time he brought it on a plane. (he said it was because of the wiring everywhere or something)
It's risky but possible. And as epicelite said, it depends how well made your portable is. I suspect it simply comes down to dumb luck.
What if you walk in playing it? Then they can see it is harmless.

Also, yes, neat-looking portables, no transparent cases for sure.
also,m make sure the wires inside are orderly. Just anything to make it not look a mess. I would say that if you are taking it on a plane to make certain that you use ide cable to make the insides look more professional. Also, no nicad/nimh batteries. They look WAY too similar to bombs. Litiums can resemble bombs too. In fact, if it is a power sipping portable like a noac/goac/aoac, then just power it with AAs. That way they can't confuse any batteries as bombs. Also, make sure it is not a ghetto looking portable. Make it look nice. Something like a cnc made case would pass off as professional, but a porry bondoed frankencase would look incredibly suspicious.

Sonyportablizer lost his atari portable because he made it in literally 4 hours and as a result it didn't look very nice.





Yea SS that second one looks like a bomb just waiting for a suicide bomber to strap it to their chest.

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When I make my portable, I'll engrave "made in Sudan" on it. That outta work.