Strange XBOX Drive Issue


ModRetro Legend
There's something really weird going on with my XBOX drive. I eject it to put in a game, put in the game, but it usually spits it back out. Even with no game, it usually spits it back out. Hitting the XBOX on the side does nothing, but hitting it on top usually helps. Once loaded the game works fine.

What's going on here?
Your guess is probably better than mine, but maybe the tray needs to be realigned. When you smack the xbox, it probably jars it just right for the game to load. Is your drive a Thompson? I know those have trouble after a while.
I don't know what drive it is, I think the board is a 1.0 or 1.1 if that helps. I'm worried if the drive quits I'll be screwed since there's no way to mod it, but I might screw it up if I try to do a TSOP flash.
My 1.0 xbox has a Thompson, so yours probably has one, too. If you don't mind buying another drive, you can just swap it out with any other working drive. If that sounds good, I'm pretty sure Harshboy has a Samsung drive.
I'm too cheap to buy another drive, especially since it can use one of the PC drives I have in the closet with a little hackery.

But the burning question is: Are the drives just junk or is it failing?
No, prettymuch the consensus is that the Thompson drives are all garbage. I would give the PC drive a try, though.