Steam = 1GB?

I'm pretty sure Steam itself doesn't use that much space, but it might be recommended as a bare minimum if you plan on buying any games.
I don't believe it does. Steam itself is only a few MB, I think.

Even if it were 1GB, if you're planning on buying games from Steam and downloading them, surely you have a good deal more than 1GB to use? Of course, if you're concerned about wasting HDD space or having downloads take forever, I can see your concern easily. However, I'm pretty sure it's only a few MB, like I said before.
Oh, okay, thanks.

I only have about 15GB left on my 30GB HDD, I'm really careful about conserving my HDD space, I'm not quite sure why.

I just hope I'll be able to play TF2 on my 4 year old Laptop...

And Epicelite, what games? I guess I'll check your FS thread.
Sorry, J.D, but if it's a laptop, it's most definitely a no-go. My laptop's only half that age and I can't even run Half-Life 2.

J.D said:

what is your laptop? if it was a high end expensive monster when it came out, its possible you could run it, albeit, with a custom config file. :confused:
Depends on the GPU. If it's capable of DirectX 9 acceleration it should work, but you will have to keep the settings down and resolution low.

Also, my Steam directory is around 30GB. I have quite a bit of games.
My graphics card is technically DX10, but considering its lack of support for Hardware Transform and Lighting, it doesn't even comply to DX7 standards. That's right, the Intel GMA 950 isn't even fully DX7-compliant, which is the bare minimum Half-Life 2 requires. Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal, and TF2 all require at least DX8.
Yeah, my laptop is a dell 700m from about 5 years ago, and I can still play Perfect World (don't anymore, though), Jade Dynasty (in a window), and NES, GBA, and PS1 emulators. My graphics card is an Intel Extreme 2, with 64 mb shared memory, and I have a 1.6 ghz Pentium M.
If it has the mobility Radeon, probably (on low settings). If it has GMA, most likely not. You could download the demo and try.
Good idea, I'll download the Demo.

Also, do we have an official Modretro Steam Group? I can set one up.
With low settings, it (Half Life 2) runs just fine. Looks like TF2 and L4D are out of the picture though.
I love Garry's Mod! Great fun, and even useful for homework! Only problem is that you have to install a lot of addons and keep them updated for maximum 1337. Oh, and it takes a long time to load. Probably because of all the addons. It's also kind of a system hog, especially if you spawn a crapload of explosive barrels and detonate them all.