SS's 4th portable n64, XS64 (56k =/= yay!)

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Probably SS
Ok here are pics. Video coming soon. (EDIT: Video at bottom!)

Traded last portable for System and $50(I think)
Got batteries and screen for christmas
Wired TI converter.
Fried screen
Got screen from vb
Cased together, ugly but functional.

I am proud to say that this one has no flaws, and will run perfectly until my batteries completely die.

3 5mm(yes, 5mm)led modded PSOne screen
5000mah Ni-mh 7.2v externally mounted battery(ala 1st portable)
Pth08080 3.3v DC-DC converter(fixes all my previous portables problems.)
Super pad controller(GC joystick mod works now)
Headphone jack(thanks to Life of Brian's topic)
AV out/in jack(headphone jack with Left audio in and composite video)
Rewired cartridge slot (with metal supports to hold cartidge in place)
12v original n64 power adapter port(uses pth to get 3.3v)
Internal/external controller switch
Uses my excellent wiring diagram(never worry about wrong voltage going somewhere it shouldn't, will post later)
Charger port
Screen push click button switch(ala 2nd portable)
Expansion pack
Metal strips to hold case together on top.(ala 3rd portable)
Franken case A, B, C-pad plastic (nice and smooth)
Mounted Breadboard Tact D-pad and start button
Momentary Push button switch Shoulder buttons
Switch for L/Z
Triforce jewel(It had to go somewhere)
Self drilled(oh boy) speaker holes with mounted speakers
Internal fan w/switch



Controller ports

Left Side

Right Side


Screen in darkness

Jewel by Neubit, destroyed by SS

For the record, I do not need to be reminded that it is ugly, that is already established. Any posts flaming it because it is ugly will be deleted by request. (*glares at bacteria* :p)

Video 1

This unit is for sale, at a starting price of $300 (includes shipping.)
Post or pm me offers, I need to get this cash for two reasons:
To build the next one
To repay my friend for his psp, which I broke. (GDDMNIT)

The next one will be of 1337 proportions, each one got better and better.

Re: ShockSlayer's 4th portable n64, XS64 (56k =/= yay!)

What if I call this one ghetto? Will it be deleted then? Because this one looks like it's straight from da hood. :lol: The most ghetto feature is the front painted green and the back left unpainted. ZING!!!
This portable was important because it was the first one that had a TI pth08080 in it, meaning it could have a decent battery life, the other three(first 3) crapped out after about 20 minutes because the regulators couldn't handle it.
Re: ShockSlayer's 4th portable n64, XS64 (56k =/= yay!)

I love this portable because I was able to pull it out when Mario thought he was being all clever and posted "Oh well, even if mine is not the smallest, it is still the first Green, Zelda themed N64p!"

And then I was like OBJECTION. :lol:

ShockSlayer, it is amazing how many portables you have built in such a short period of time. Ever wonder where you will be in 5 years, portable wise?
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