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I'm building a snesp for commission and The buyer wants the PAL 60HZ mod and to disable the region lockout. the snes im using has the F413B lockout chip and I heard that I cant bump up the hz or region lockout the snes. But i found this website
where this guy apparently does something with the F413B lockout chip but im having trouble understanding what to do (google translate is unclear and I fail at french).
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great, think I get it now, when it says to use a 2.2 k ohm resistor will a 2 k ohm be ok?
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Take that as a yes, but if it doesn't, change that first.
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thanks for the help,
im now turning this into my worklog
doing a SNES portable for a buyer in Western Australia and putting the n64p on hold, he isnt worried about looks of the case but being my first portable I want to take a bit of pride in my work and not produce a abomination of hot glue (thats what my first n64p is for :wink3: ), im only charging around 280 - 300 AUD (depending on batteries) and i think thats fair seeing as it is the first portable im going to finish.
the case is made of 2mm white styrene with the exception the longer sides which are 1mm.
one "bigger board" PAL snes
50hz/60hz switch mod
region free switch mod
5.6" screen
3000 - 5000 mah li-po battery (charge protection circuit)
inbuilt controller
player 1 and 2 ports available with a switch to toggle between player 1 and onboard.
cart slot will not be relocated at the request of the buyer.
first pics:

(does anyone know how i can cover up/clean up the epoxy putty on the outside of the case?)

since these pics were taken i have cut out the cart slot hole and the player one and 2 port, also mounted/"puttied" the player one and two port.

since these images were taken i have cut the cart slot
i tried sanding it with the dremel but it doesn do much except just chip away at certain bits and give a rough "hacked away" texture
Dangit now i'll have to leave my room, check my phone for messages, get out of my pj's, get out of bed before 5pm walk down to the shop and buy sandpaper.....
i heard you can get different grades of sandpaper, what would you recommend?
Get something really rough like 40 or 60 if you can. Then you need 80, 120, 180, 220, and 320. Those should be Aluminum Oxide, but Garnet will do if it's all you can get. Then you need 400, 600, and sometime 800, even 1000, EVEN 1200, in "wet or dry". The Aluminum Oxide and Garnet are both a brown sandy colour and the Wet/Dry stuff is black. However what sandpaper you use is different for each person. Usually I don't even bother (between that and not measuring it almost explains why the stuff I make looks like crap, ALMOST).
Big problem
my SNES turns out to be a big pal snes, that has an f413b lockout chip. the problem is the guide on the frendh website i was following used a different kind of SNES (has same lockout chip but his one had two graphic processors, mine doesnt. does anyone know which snes board I have?
Okay, it's a big SNES. But is it a big board big SNES, or a small board big SNES? Does it look like the bigger board in the pictures? Then it's the small board (1chip) model.