SNESP worklog. pics tomorrow. maybe.


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well, on sunday, i decided i needed to build a portable. so, i went into my room, looted through my drawers, and found:
-a snes mini
-a casio pocket tv
-a polycase ag-85
-a radioshack 3200 mah nimh battery pack

so, i pulled out the trusty weller, and went to work. i have the controller board cut down as much as possible, and i have the snes cut down as much as possible, too. the cart slot is fully relocated, and power is wired up. i just need to hook up video and i can test it. :awesome:
i will post some pictures tomorrow, after school. :awesome:
heh. well, i forgot to test the snes before i started, so i dont know wether i killed it, or if it was dead in the first place. but, in short, it doesnt work. so, i went back to my cave, opened the drawers of :awesome:ness
and found:
-zenith psone screen
-controllers and stuff
- a zn-40 (i dunno if im gonna use it, though.)
- a 7400mah li-ion battery pack ($5 at the circuit city closing sale :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: )
so, i will be working on that. go find mah wurklawg, if i ever make one. :awesome: