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hey guys. getting a retro duo for christmas and i got a zn-40 and got a few spare Li-ions so i'm gonna be making a Snes and Nes portable!

heres the specs.
-Retro Duo (snes side)
-4250mAh Li-po
-Sony Psone
-ZN-40 case

not really gonna be able to post pics or any updates until christmas so this won't be very active for a while..
i do have a quick question though! i know the screen and consoles won't last long with those batteries i got right now but how long would both the SNES and NES sides last with the two screens? as long as i can get an hour or so of gameplay i might as well use them..
Re: starting a SNES/NES portable soon!

Relocated slot carts.... No idea what that is :rolleyes:
Why don't you finish your N64p before starting another project?
Re: starting a SNES/NES portable soon!

i plan on having the N64 done either on christmas or a few days after it, then i'm starting this :p
oh wait.. i just realized i don't have a switch for the power :gonk:
oh well, i got an old guitar amp that is broken beyond belief, i can just steal it from that :p
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quick mockup for the portable

(does any of that look familiar? :p)
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Joeyjoe9876 said:
(does any of that look familiar? :p)
No, I have NO idea WHERE you could have thought of such a great design!
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I hate you.

JK, nice design, but North American buttons? BLARGH! :hand:
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if i can find some famicom buttons i may use them. all i have is a north american controller :/
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decided not to use the NES side, i never really play nes games and i don't got many :/
also started working on everything! got the screen, battery, and Retro Duo Snes side hooked up. i also decided to use two 4250mAh 3.7v li-po cells so i can get more game time. all running off one voltage, also the psone screen has been LED modded. i will be using RGB as i'm not getting good results with composite :/
pics in a few
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you can just get the colored buttons from a third party controller. I think madcatz made one with colored buttons.
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ok i'm having a slight(major) problem with the video that is being outputted from my RD, i have removed the nes side and have wired everything up right but when i tested it on my PSone screen and my TV i get this

i know it's not the screen because i tested my dvd player and it worked perfectly. so what might be the problem?
You sure you relocated the cart slot correctly? Also, check that video hasn't been accidentally bridged to something else.
The only thing you did was remove the NES half, right? I believe there was something that needed to be rewired when you tear out the NES half, but I can't recall. There is some info in the SNES sticky on benheck, though.
Hm... skimming through, I don't see anything about even cutting it in half. I know I've heard about it somewhere, it's probably buried underneath a couple of pages of stuff.