Selling silver PSP 2000 with goodies GREAT COND.


sweet justice
Ive got a silver 2000 ill sell. It has no scratches on the screen; ive had protectors on it since day one. Ill throw in a case, Daxter, Family Guy (5 Shows), the charger, a 4gb memory stick, a screen protector, and i also have the following games to add in if you wish:

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Star Wars Battlefront Rogue Squadron

All games have cases, and only star wars is missing the book.

For the bare essentials, ill go about $130, all for $155. Ill set each game to bump it up 7 bucks if you dont want em all. THIS IS ALL NEGOTIABLE. keep in mind this is a near-mint system, though.

Pop me a PM if ur interested. i does paypal. THX